Cancellation Policy

6-hour Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is approved within the first 6 hours of purchasing time. After 6 hours, your order will be automatically archived and sent to the warehouse for the process of stocking, packaging, and shipment. No one can cancel your order once it is being processed already.

Refund 70% Order Value

Please be informed that a management, processing, and transaction fee (30% of your total order value) will be applied for the cancellation.

Full Refund Only Applies To Switching Orders Via Email

Full refund only applies to switching orders. Once you place new orders, our system will automatically cancel old orders and full refund. Please inform us via email when you have switching orders.

We would be so appreciative if you could please tell me the reason for the cancellation. It will help us so much to improve our products and services.

Please email us via our email support to cancel the order.